My journey into trike building

September, 2014

I love a plan (sept)

Now that I have the basic frame parts, I need to sort out a plan of action as to what to do over the next month or so.

eBay – My Saviour

I have been browsing eBay for a while now looking at trikes which are ready built and on the road, dreaming about what could be, when I came across an individual whom was selling an imported VW trike kit from J&S Hot Rod Asylum. This gave me the idea to build my own trike rather than […]

Trikes Ahoy!

OK I have decided to get into triking, and not biking. There’s a reason behind this so read on The main reason being that I am blind in one eye, and as such I didn’t feel confident in myself to be able to perform a life saver on my left side. That being said I […]

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