My journey into trike building


With Great Power (part 5)

After all the fun we had trying to start the engine last time, we thought we would attempt it again, following installing some of the wiring for the trike. This time it was a huge success!!

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What you looking at?

I was asked the other day about what I am aiming to make this trike look like. Well I have a few ideas  but most of the design ideas are in my head, however I am basing this trike on a picture I have.

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Trike Spotter

Over the last few weeks the weather has improved quite a bit and the bikes and trikes have been out in force. Rally season is also upon us, so now we are out and about camping in fields and getting drunk in large marquees!

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So Where Does This Go?

Bits have been arriving at the house over the last week or so, not least of which is the fuel tank. I have also received seats, springs, attaching parts and something a little special to keep the electrics all neat and tidy.

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eBay – My Saviour

I have been browsing eBay for a while now looking at trikes which are ready built and on the road, dreaming about what could be, when I came across an individual whom was selling an imported VW trike kit from J&S Hot Rod Asylum. This gave me the idea to build my own trike rather than […]