My journey into trike building

Engine Bits – The Final Parts

Before the engine was fitted for the engine cage design, I added a few parts to complete that section of the build.

The first part added was a new crank pulley. The old pulley was functional but had no timing marks so would have been a little difficult to set the static and dynamic timings on the trike. The new pulley has timing marks around the circumference and should make the setting of the timing much easier.

this is pretty

Crank wheel fitted

The second addition was a new oil tube with breather and billet cap. This part actually looks very nice and is yet another thing that enhances the look of the engine once its fitted.

From Just Kampers

Oil filler, with billet cap and breather filter

The final part that I have added is a simple pancake filter that is located on the carburetor. Bought from Just Kampers, it was ordered on e bay at 6 am on the Monday morning and was in my hands by 1000 the next day. Great work by the boys at JK.

another Just Kampers part via ebay

The Pancake filter

There are two things left to do, and thats fit the new Bosch coil that is lying on Jamies desk and the fitment of the exhausts, which will look very good indeed.

all bits in situ

The Final articl (almost)

Hopefully when the frame goes for powder coating we will figure a way to run the engine and make sure that itworks as expected. Once that test is complete it will leave me awaiting the return of the trike from the powder coaters and then full on assembly through to completion!

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