My journey into trike building

Red is the Only Colour – Redux

When I last posted about the frame, I had left it at the powder coaters ready for some colour to be applied. This has now been applied and I am starting to see the eventual look of the vehicle.

When I took the frame down to be powder coated it looked like a grey collection of welded tube like this

The Frame at drop off

What I got back is something akin to an almost complete frame, the colour is just the shade of red that I wanted.

The Gearbox Mount

This is why I have opted for powder coating, the finish is smooth and will be resistant to damage.

The other parts are all coated as well and have also made it to the workshop. So here they are.

The Engine Cage

The Spring Plate

IRS arm

Finally the frame, which is the crowning glory of this part of the project.

The Frame

Thats it for now, however the build goes on and its now on to the reassembly the first thing will be the remounting of the spring arms.

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