My journey into trike building

That Final Push – Day 3

Day three commenced with the usual circle of the trike to work out what needs to be done and develop a plan of action.

We looked at the list, and it was suggested I started with the front marker lights and mount them on the rear mudguard.

The list now looks like this.

  1. Mud guard supports and mud guards
  2. The lights to be mounted (this has been started)
  3. Front light bar
  4. Headlights fitted. (This is now partially complete)
  5. Modifying the engine cage.
  6. Fit wiring into cage. (this has been started)
  7. Mounting the reverse light and fog light to the engine cage.
  8. Fitting battery isolator switch
  9. Replacing engine temperature sense wire that I cut
  10. VIN number to stamp on frame
  11. Place wiring in protective sleaving.
  12. Fit tank cover
  13. Fit various services to the tank cover
  14. Polish the tank.
  15. Connect the hand brake (this has been started)

The mudguards were supplied from SGF trikes and are of a GRP construction which made it easy to cut into them.

Slots marked ready to cut

The plan was to make two slots running at 90 degrees to the leading edge of the Mudguard. Into the slot the bracket would be pushed in and secured by a couple of pop rivets.

bracket mounted and secured

A hole is then drilled just behind the light and the wiring fed through from the outside and then the light units are mounted on to the brackets.

Lights mounted

The next task was sorting out the engine frame and starting to prep it for the wiring loom that will power the fog, reverse and the number plate lights. This entailed drilling several holes for the wiring and designing some mounts.

Engine cage following drilling

5 holes were drilled to allow the wires to be threaded through the frame. A single neutral line is sufficient for all three services mounted on this frame.

closeup of reverse light hole

The final thing to start to today was to connect up the handbrake, and this was started by installing two guide tubes for the handbrake cables. These where installed and the cables trimmed to a more manageable length.

I have managed to start several things but unable to finish any of them due to needing other bits done, so tomorrow its on with the welding googles and more metal will be added in the form of mounts for the mudguards and the mounts for the rear lights, hopefully starting to the headlight mounts as well.

That’s day 3 down!

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