My journey into trike building

That Final Push – Day 4

Today I managed to finish one of the jobs that I started last week, and that was the mudguards.

I made a decision 2 weeks ago to postpone the test till 26th July. this is due to the fact that progress was to slow and the outstanding jobs where to great to make it to test and pass.

Outstanding jobs as of today are :-

  1. Mud guard supports and mud guards
  2. The lights to be mounted on the mud guards
  3. Front light bar
  4. Headlights fitted. (started)
  5. Modifying the engine cage.
  6. Fit wiring into cage. (started)
  7. Mounting the reverse light and fog light to the engine cage.
  8. Fitting battery isolator switch
  9. Replacing engine temperature sense wire that I cut
  10. VIN number to stamp on frame
  11. Place wiring in protective sleaving.
  12. Fit tank cover
  13. Fit various services to the tank cover
  14. Polish the tank.
  15. Connect the hand brake

As can be seen, there is a lot to complete before the 26th July, but I am more confident that this will be completed before test.

I decided to crack on with the rear light brackets, and the first step was to make the basic shape in 0.5mm steel plate.

Basic bracket shape

The plate was then cleaned up with the grinder and a flapper wheel.

Start of plate clean up

the holes for the bolts and wiring were marked on to the brackets (i stuck them together to make it easier to duplicate the positions of the holes on the plate).

Marking bolt holes

Once the holes where drilled the bracket was then bent at the base approximately half an inch below the bottom of the light. This bend has to be over 90 degrees so as the lights are not shining at the floor.

Completed bracket

The bracket is then protected with etch primer, to prevent rust forming.

Etch primed brackets

The brackets have been drilled and affixed to the mudguard by three pop rivets. I have deliberately placed the lights closer to one edge than the other, as I will be creating  a small nacelle for the light bracket in the future. This will give it a more integrated look and be a lot neater than the currant solution!

The completed mudguards.

Thats it for today, tomorrow I shall be concentrating on the handbrake and brake system in general.

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