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With Great Power

I have managed to find someone to recondition the engine for me and luckily not to far away. So last week I took both engines down to him to see if he could rebuild the 1600 twin port engine for me.

Luckily Rob loves reconditioning VW engines and has done several for himself in the past, he’s just finished a second engine for his trike and the engine that is currently fitted to his trike.

So with a hop skip and a jump he emailed me the latest update to what is going on with my rebuild, which I am paraphrasing here for you to read.

Whilst stripping the engine down he found the first problem, and probably the reason it was removed from a vehicle. The number 4 crank bearing has rotated and deeply scored the crank as can be seen from the video above its pretty obvious something is not right!

According to Rob this is normally caused by not having enough oil in the engine.

It's dead Jim!

The big end bearing


As the picture above shows you, the big end bearing has been rotating on the crank and basically ripped itself apart. This bearing was an undersized unit, which is showing that the crank has already been reground. This could indicate that the engine has suffered from this before.

Yup that's some deep scoring

#4 crank scored to F**k


So Rob is now going to pull the other engine apart and check the crank on that to make sure it isn’t scored and is serviceable, with a view of using that in the engine. If not it will be an additional £140 for a brand new crank.

If you want to find out about Rob and VW Trike Engineering services then have a look at the link page

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