My journey into trike building

And the weld goes on

We have almost reached the point of no return with the frame, and we will be ready soon to get the frame to powder coating. Unfortunately the time is being taken up with doing little things on the trike, like constructing the box mounts on the sides and close off the holes in the horns.As mentioned a fair amount has happened with the work that’s been done. I managed to get the wife down to have a look and sit on it, which meant an idea I had for a backrest for me had to be scrapped, but it saved the wife from getting bruised thighs.

The back seat mounting posts finished and mounted

The rear seat pillars have now been capped and rounded off, which now makes them look better, and the seat supports have been filled in to stop water ingress. This means one more job completed, and one more step closer to finish.

The reworked gearbox connector

One of the things that was spotted whilst we had all the components on, was that I couldnt  attach the gearbox linkage. A very delicate operation ensued and this dish was created. One of the problems encountered was that the splines for the torque tubes where exposed.

The dual purpose bracket

The above bracket has a dual purpose, it will carry the clutch cable and give the tube the necessary bend to remove any snatch on the clutch, and the smaller round part on top is for the accelerator cable guide tube. The bracket itself is made from a very old S class Mercedes door hinge!

The routing

As can be seen there is plenty of clearance between the bracket and where the geabox resides.

The box mounts

I have two Harley Davidson tool boxes that will be mounted in these spaces one will be for tools the other will be for an electrics box. the overall effect I am aiming for is that the boxes will appear to be floating in the gaps.

Please note the repostioned handbrake mount and reattached flooring.

Holes filled in

After the brackets were all fitted we were left with filling in the holes on the horns and making up some brackets for the handbrake cables. When the handbrake brackets are installed then it will be time to send the frame to powder coat!


This is Harvey, he is the workshop supervisor and road monitor! He also greets me when I arrive at the workshop by giving me a friendly head butt in the thigh. Without his antics to lighten up the tough times I would still be wondering what to do!

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