My journey into trike building

Boing Boing – Part 2

Last time we had just finished the installation of the inner bearings on the A arms and had prepped up ready to install the outer bearings.

As with the inner bearings we have liberally applied grease to make them ready for use.

A liberally greased bearing

With the bearing greased up, the central spacer was fitted and then the bearing was pressed into the A frame. Note that the bearing doesn’t sit all the way in the A frame and sits about an 1/8 th of an inch proud.

Bearing fits in here

Bearing sitting proud.

Next to be fitted is the support for the brake caliper. This is orientated so that its at the rear of the A arm.

Caliper mount

As it is a reassembly, there is a seal to be fitted around the bearing outer race.

Seal ready to go on


Seal fitted.

following this seal there is a paper seal to go on, followed by the bearing cap.

Paper Seal

Bearing Cap

The last part of the rebuild is to install the stub axle Through the spacers and bearings and out the other side.

The stub axle

The stub axle is greased up and inserted with some force through all the bearings and spacers.

Stub axle installed

once assembled you should have something like this

The finished assembly

Once the A frame is complete it gets mounted by bolts to the spring plates and a large bolt through the urethane bushes. and looks something like this.

The right hand A frame installed

Next time I will be finishing off the install of the A frames, fitting the shock absorbers and fitting the brake disks.

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