My journey into trike building

Boing Boing – Part 3

As we had left the build with the A frames being assembled, it is now on to fitting those completed parts to  the main frame of the trike.

The first thing is to mount the arm to the frame with the bolt and washers. Remember to grease the ends of the eureythane bush to stop any squeaking when in use

A frame ready to go on

A frame mounted, note the grease

The 3 bolts that attach the A frame to the spring plate are installed and tightened.

The 3 bolts that attach the A frame to the spring plate

Next its time to install the shock absorbers.

The shock absorber

And installed onto the frame

Finally when all is installed and bolts are tightened, it’s time to fit the brake disk and securing hub bolt. At this time however the bolt isn’t tightened to its 250 lb ft of torque as we may need to remove the disk for further work to be carried out.

Brake disk and hub nut installed

Brake disk and Hub nut installation

This leaves us two things to fit, the bump stop (also called Ali’s big red knob), and the wheels.

Can you see the big red knob?

The wheels fitted.

One thing noted is that the tyre is pretty close to the torque tube. This however will be remedied when the actual tyres for the trike are fitted as the actual tyres are slightly narrower and will mean the sidewall height will be less.

And that dear reader, is pretty much the IRS reassembled. All this leaves me to do is to fit the gearbox and driveshafts and that will be the transmission finished.

Next time will be the fitment of the front end forks and wheel.

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