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First off an apology, Since the last post life has happened. My wife has had an operation on her knee and any work that was scheduled for the rebuild has been put on hold.

However, never fear a few things have happened with the build so read on and find out whats been going on.

I have received the wheels and one of the local tire places had some scrap tires that they fitted to them for free. The tires themselves are huge, 310 50 R15, and they will be replaced by something a little smaller, somewhere in the 295 range.

Big Wheels!

So I suppose you need to do things to allow you to hang these bad boys onto the trike and obviously the first step is to stick the rear torsion arms back on the vehicle.

I have some particularly shiny and pretty covers for the plates and when they are fitted look really cool.

Right Hand Spring Plate.

The rubber inserts are actually Polyurethane and have been greased up incredibly well to stop any squeaking whilst in use.

With the spring plates on it is now time to rebuild the actual arm portion of the IRS. This entails adding the bearings, spacers, seals and the arm grommet.

There are two types of bearings on the IRS arm, a roller bearing and a ball bearing and they are fitted in a specific order.

Break down of IRS bearings

Break down of IRS bearings

The bits we are interested in are 5 through 11 and item 17. these are :-

(5.) Inner Spacer
(6.) Bearing Seal
(7.) Circlip
(8.) Inner Bearing (ball)
(9.) Outer Bearing (Roller)
(10.) Cap Seal
(11.) Outer Spacer
(17.) IRS A Arm Bush

Two other parts not mentioned but are also fitted are the center spacer and the wheel bearing cap.

I started by fitting the A Arm bushes, not overly difficult  they are 2 halves pushed in by hand and then the center metal bush which needs a little bit of pressure to insert into the polyurethane bush. A liberal application of grease is applied to prevent squeaking, though to be honest the grease is completely pushed out when the metal bush is inserted.

The Bush Ready to fit

Polyurethane bushes inserted

Metal bush being pressed in

Once flush the bush assembly is complete.

Next its on to the bearings. One thing you have to remember about bearings is that they must be well greased up before being inserted into the housing. This is called packing the bearing and involves a large blob of grease in one hand and forcing the grease into the bearing race. The video below has a good description on how to do this.

Once packed the ball bearing is pushed into the A arm and the circlip is inserted into the groove. Finally the bearing seal and spacer are fitted to complete the install of the inner bearing.

Inner Bearing installed, note the grease

Bearing seal

Still to come is the outer bearing and seal fitment and the installation of the A arm to the frame.

Finally, here is a bonus picture of the fuel tanks which are almost ready to be painted.

Fuel Tanks!

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