My journey into trike building

Go Go Juice Required! (part 2)

With the forward half of the fuel lines laid in it is time to start on the rear half of the pipework. As the whole run is in stainless steel armoured flexible piping I worked out how I wanted the run to go by zip tieing temporarily in place and then drilling a hole for the P Clip.

The run was again started from the mounted fuel filter and started to run aft. Luckily I only had to drill once more into the frame as the pipe left the security of the frame after about 12 inches of the run.

Fuel filter

This led back to the first P Clip

Aft frame P Clip

The pipe then crosses the gearbox and I mad a small extension using one of the engine bolts as a mount point. I added a small twist to the extension to relieve the pressure that a sharp turn would have been placed on the pipe.

The extension bracket

This gave plenty of clearance for the pipe and held it out of the way of any interference on the various other controls that run past this point.

Finally the pipe is secured to the engine fan cowl with a self tapping screw and then routed out to the input on the fuel pump.

Fan mounting

The only thing left to do is fill the tanks with fuel and check for leaks along the entire length of the installation, then reinstall the battery and function the engine to make sure everything is OK.

Hopefully when I get back from work next week, I will be able to give the trike a quick blast around the estate as I have asked that the guys up at the garage to look at getting the handbrake, mud guard supports and the gear linkage sorted.

The next post after this will be my 40th build blog so hopefully some excitement will be happening.


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