My journey into trike building

Hanging on

As the build has been progressing and with the completion of the engine, I decided I needed to check the fitting of some of the components, mainly the handbrake and front forks.

With the help of my friend Dan, we got to work.

I first checked out the positioning of the hand brake, which the handle was overhanging the battery tray by a couple of inches. This means the handbrake mount will have to be moved back about 3 inches to allow for the battery cover that will be fitted over the battery.

We then hung the front forks to check that the size and rake was ok. Boy was I in for a shock, the look of the front forks is incredible and really sets the whole frame off to a T!

yes they are that good looking!

Test fit of the forks

This is now starting to look like a trike rather than a collection of tubes welded together.

The last thing we looked at was the forward foot controls for placement and they also add another dimension to the trike. I shall leave a teaser photo for you all to salivate over, as they are very, very, pretty!

A nice teaser image for you all

Thats part of the foot controls!

So what do you think?

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