My journey into trike building

Happy New Year!

First things first, Happy New Year to you all! I hope that the silly season brought you everything you wanted and you get everything you want in 2016!

I have been way to quiet on here, but not with the project, and I will endeavor to update you on the progress being made.

So I have managed to get lots started on the rebuild including the IRS, which was covered in a previous article. Since that was finished I have started on the brake system by installing the pipework and getting a few bits on order that are required for completion of the braking system.

Rear Pipework Installation

I have also managed to get the front end mounted with the correct wheel installed, a few bits to sort including installing the rotor and brake caliper and centering the wheel on the axle which will require some modification of the spacers.

Front end mounted

I have also managed to get the handlebars built and I am just awaiting the final parts of the hand controls to go on that.

The Handlebars with switches and throttle boss installed

So that is it for today, but watch out for further posts as I figure out and design and implement on this build.

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