My journey into trike building

Boing Boing – Part 2

Last time we had just finished the installation of the inner bearings on the A arms and had prepped up ready to install the outer bearings.

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Boing Boing

First off an apology, Since the last post life has happened. My wife has had an operation on her knee and any work that was scheduled for the rebuild has been put on hold. However, never fear a few things have happened with the build so read on and find out whats been going on.

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Red is the Only Colour – Redux

When I last posted about the frame, I had left it at the powder coaters ready for some colour to be applied. This has now been applied and I am starting to see the eventual look of the vehicle.

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It Turns and It Leaks

Bugger, went to start the engine today and we found a problem

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Red is the only Colour

I managed to get the last bits on the trike welded and took the frame down to get powder coated (about time!)

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Happy Birthday!

I just realised that today is exactly a year since I started this project and I thought I would celebrate this milestone with a small post! Hopefully whilst you are reading this I will have been down at the workshop doing a final check and then getting it away for powder coat!

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And the weld goes on

We have almost reached the point of no return with the frame, and we will be ready soon to get the frame to powder coating. Unfortunately the time is being taken up with doing little things on the trike, like constructing the box mounts on the sides and close off the holes in the horns.

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What you looking at?

I was asked the other day about what I am aiming to make this trike look like. Well I have a few ideas  but most of the design ideas are in my head, however I am basing this trike on a picture I have.

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A New Look

If you are a frequent visitor to this site you may notice that we have a new look. I was never totally happy with the previous theme and I had this lying around on my server at home.

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It’s the Little Things That Count

We are working on those final bits to get the frame ready for powder coating, with small amounts of work to be done to the engine before we test run that as well. Things are starting to take shape.

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