My journey into trike building


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First off an apology, Since the last post life has happened. My wife has had an operation on her knee and any work that was scheduled for the rebuild has been put on hold. However, never fear a few things have happened with the build so read on and find out whats been going on.

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It’s the Little Things That Count

We are working on those final bits to get the frame ready for powder coating, with small amounts of work to be done to the engine before we test run that as well. Things are starting to take shape.

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Engine Bits – The Final Parts

Before the engine was fitted for the engine cage design, I added a few parts to complete that section of the build.

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Weld One

I went and visited the welders today to discuss fitments and locations of various components on the trike and there has been a lot of progress made on it.

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Hanging on

As the build has been progressing and with the completion of the engine, I decided I needed to check the fitting of some of the components, mainly the handbrake and front forks. With the help of my friend Dan, we got to work.

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