My journey into trike building

That Final Push – Day 2

Following on from yesterdays progress more has been achieved.

As you may recall I had made a list of 14 things that had to be complete before going to MSVA.

These are as follows

  1. Mud guard supports and mud guards
  2. The lights to be mounted
  3. Front light bar
  4. Headlights fitted. (This is now partially complete)
  5. Modifying the engine cage.
  6. Fit wiring into cage.
  7. Mounting the reverse light and fog light to the engine cage.
  8. Fitting battery isolator switch
  9. Replacing engine temperature sense wire that I cut
  10. VIN number to stamp on frame
  11. Fit alarm system
  12. Place wiring in protective sleaving.
  13. Fit tank cover
  14. Fit various services to the tank cover
  15. Polish the tank.

I have so far today spent most of the build time installing the relays and wiring for the headlights. This install was complete before lunch but not tested. When I tested the headlights a problem reared its head in  the fact the five pole relays I had did not conform to the diagram on the side of the relay!

After a few minutes with the multi-meter I came to the conclusion that the wiring diagram was wrong, and so I proceeded to wire the relays up in accordance to how they are meant to be installed. Low and be hold they then worked as expected!

The isolator switch was then installed and was a fairly straight forward job. This stops the engine from being started by stopping the supply from the battery.

I was lucky with the Temperature sense wire as the disconnect for it was only a short distance back from where I cut it. I had basically taken a third of the wire off whilst trimming the sheath back (i’m an idiot 🙂 ).

I now have 10 items left on the list and just three days to complete them. some of the above are out of my hands as they require some rework by the guys at the garage.

Further updates will be incoming, and I promise I will take pictures for the next blog as well 🙂

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