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Over the last few weeks the weather has improved quite a bit and the bikes and trikes have been out in force. Rally season is also upon us, so now we are out and about camping in fields and getting drunk in large marquees!

With this in mind and the fact I live close to a major South Coast biking mecca called West Bay, I thought I would post some pictures of Trikes I have seen over the last few weeks.

At the begining of June we attended a meet up of a forum I am a member of, and a fair few people had traveled to the venue on thier trikes

not very good on wet grass :)

A nice Rewaco RF1

Yes they are indeed very comfortable

1500cc Gold Wing Trike

This is what was produced before Boom and Rewaco were formed

Mals Krauter Trike

This bike was buit by a forum member sold, and then sold again back to another forum member.

Brians Kwaki Conversion

lovely trike though the wiring could do with a bit of work :)

1600CC Fuel injected flat four Boom trike

The final picture is of a trike I spotted down at West Bay, with a rather unique addition between the tanks. See if you can work out what it is!

the blue box is a tig welder!

Stumpies latest creation

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