My journey into trike building

Trikes Ahoy!

OK I have decided to get into triking, and not biking. There’s a reason behind this so read on

The main reason being that I am blind in one eye, and as such I didn’t feel confident in myself to be able to perform a life saver on my left side. That being said I still want to go out with my mates and enjoy the thrill of biking.

So the common consensus was that I should get a trike.

After looking around I have realised that there are many, many different trikes to choose from.

The two main types are, of course, bike conversions and car conversions.

Let’s take a look at bike conversions first.

I have never ridden a bike before!

Now there’s an admission, it also means that it rules this type of trike out for me, as it’s a whole new style of riding. Considering I have always driven manual gearbox cars, the thought of using my foot to change gear and my hand on the clutch, quite frankly, terrifies the shit outta me!

So that leaves me looking at a car conversion.

Now this is where it gets interesting. What is there out there that is easily converted into a trike, perhaps it is already a trike.

Yup, I started to look at Reliant Robins and Rialtos. They are already in a trike configuration they have quite a gutsy 850 engine (my wife was in one with her ex, and they blew the engine up doing 95 on the A303), and it probably wouldn’t take a lot of work to rip everything out of an old car and construct a decent frame and make a nice little trike.

I spotted one problem, well, quite a few to be fair not least of which was my lack of welding skills.

So considering all the issues I have decided to go for a VW trike kit, that I can build myself, with the help of a few friends, and get myself on the road. (It’s all very “a bike is born”!)

So join me on my journey.

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