My journey into trike building

With Great Power (Part 2)

Another email from Rob the other day with another update, consisting of the progress on the engine case and the continuing crank shaft issues.

The progress that has been made with the engine is astonishing. With the strip down complete and the crank off being reground Rob started to repaint the engine case. If you ever do this yourself then remember to tape off all the ports into the inside of the engine, as you don’t want your engine siezing up because the oil channels are blocked by crap.

look its in its underware!

Undercoat done

With the undercoat done its then on to the pretty final coat of Satin black, and man does this make the engine case look good.

black and chrome

Nice and Shiny Engine Block

Now the ongoing saga with the crank is coming to a close, it’s been sent off to an engineering company to be reground, however at the time of writing it’s a little over a week late due to this company dragging their feet. However the happy ending to this is that it should be done by the 27th April.


A quick update this time but hopefully you have a flavour for how this is going to look.

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