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With Great Power (Part 4)

In the last part of this article the engine was more or less complete however it was missing some rather important parts. Adding these will mean that the engine will be com.plete and ready to use!

We left the engine rebuild almost complete with the last few bits to be fitted, and it looked something like this.

most of the engine reassembled

The almost complete engine

The things that are missing from this block are essential to make it run. So off came the Carb and fuel gallery to allow access to install the missing items.

fuel pump, oil cooler, alternator stand and distributer fitted

The misiing parts installed

So fitting the new oil cooler stand, oil cooler, the fuel pump, the alternator stand, and the parts for the distributor, it is now starting to look like a complete engine!


Alternator pulley installed ready for the belt

Pulley installled

Rob even managed to clean and polish the alternator pulley and make it look pretty much brand new. As can be seen, this gives the engine that added wow factor.

almost a complete engine.

With the fuel gallery and carb refitted

This just leave the final components to be installed, the alternator, wiring and the fan housing, and these set the engine off just beautifully.

everything is now on and it looks gorgeous!

The complete engine

This is all down to Robs very hard work, and I am exceedingly grateful for his experience and knowledge.

If you would like to get Rob to complete, rebuild or make work, your Beetle or Camper VW engine then, you can contact him through his website VW Trikes Engineering Services.


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