My journey into trike building

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This week has resulted in some great progress on the trike.With the back brakes being bled and working, the other draft shaft installed and the throttle cable roughly routed.

These things combined has led to the trike completion being set to 85% done!

Now things are starting to come together on the wiring front, with the initial wires laid and a rough working layout worked out. I have decided to split the system in to three distinct definable parts.

  1. The hot battery bus (sorry, an aircraft term)
  2. The lights bus
  3. The accessories bus

The decision to do it this way is down to the key  switch I selected, A Harley Davidson barrel type, which has just three positions. Off, Acc, and Lights.

The easiest way of providing the power is by using a single input type fuse box, of which I obtained three, one for each “bus”.

I started by running the wires from the battery to the starter motor and then on to the alternator like so.

Battery install

Starter motor connections

The full aft install

Still to run in is the generator exciter line, and the starter relay needs to be installed. Then onto the install of the positive line to the coil, the oil pressure switch, the reverse switch and the oil temp bulb. All the wiring for these will gather at the down stanchion and run under the trike to the electrics bay.

In the next part I will be looking to install the final parts of the engine wiring, and the services running off the hot battery bus.

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