My journey into trike building

eBay – My Saviour

I have been browsing eBay for a while now looking at trikes which are ready built and on the road, dreaming about what could be, when I came across an individual whom was selling an imported VW trike kit from J&S Hot Rod Asylum. This gave me the idea to build my own trike rather than buy an expensive one that may well have major issues.

This is a very basic starter kit that can be enhanced by the builder to produce some pretty epic and unique designs.

trike kit

J & S Hotrod Asylum Basic Kit.

So after buying this for £180, I needed a donor rear end from a beetle. After a brief search, I came across a full beetle chassis with IRS suspension, a 1641cc gearbox, wheels, prop shafts, and suspension plus other body parts (which I don’t require for this project) and I proceeded to watch and keep an eye on till the end of the auction.

Unfortunately I missed the date that it would finish, and realized that I would be sat in the middle of a field in Oxfordshire at a bike rally! Thankfully due to modern technology I was able to place a bid with 30 seconds to go and managed to win the back end I required for my project.

I say back end, really it was more the case of the whole car sans interior and engine!

All important IRS suspension and gearbox

Unfortunately all these bits where located through out the country, and I had to go collect them, which has resulted in my driving 700 miles in 13 hours, and I had to cut the back axle off the VW once I got to the second location.

However after a very long day I seem to have the start of a very interesting trike, and I am looking forward to the build!

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