My journey into trike building

Just a Little Longer

Today has been a very productive day, by managing to combine the four main components of the vehicle to give us a platform to start building the engine cage that I really want on the trike.

Once I arrived at the workshop, it was time to assertain what was needed and where we had to go to proceed forward with the project. Apart from not being able to fit the swing arms as they were going through a rust treatment

its blue water (I wouldnt want to drink it though!)

Swing arms in a barrel of rust treatment

We decided to fit the front forks, gearbox, and engine to the trike to give us some balance and a layout to build around. The first things was to get the gearbox mounted.

remember theres a breather hole at the top of the gearbox

Gearbox mounted

There was two problems noted after the fit. The first was the gearbox selector rod was found to impede on the frame, which means that a new piece will have to be made and fitted to allow me to change gear. The second problem was the aft clutch mount was found to impede on the leg of the sissy bar, this will not be difficult to remedy.

this requires a bit of fettling to fit

Thats a bit to close

With gearbox in situ it was time time to install the forks on the frame. As I have said before they are one of the things that sets the trike off to a tea!now though with the trike suspended above the ground its jaw droppingly beautiful!

These forks are manufactured by DNA in the states andcome in a powder coated black or, in my case, bright chrome. These particular Springer forks are the +6″ overstock,

DNA Springers!

The front forks

the only thing left to do was was fit the engine to the back of the trike. With the help of tthe guys at the workshop, the engine was fitted without to much difficultyand I am surprised how easy they are to fit! A little bit of push and shove, a heave here and there, and the engine went in to the gearbox housing like a dream. 4 bolts and voila it was all secure and in place.

Its all good, has to come out again

The Engine fitted

So there you have it, test fit accomplished and the four major components of the trike fitted together for the first time! and here is a picture of the trike.

theres the money shot!

The test fits complete

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