My journey into trike building

That Final Push

As you can guess there is still a lot to do and very little time to do it!

With just 4 build days left I still have a very long list of things to finish off.

These are as follows

  1. Mud guard supports and mud guards
  2. The lights to be mounted
  3. Front light bar
  4. Headlights fitted.
  5. Modifying the engine cage.
  6. Fit wiring into cage.
  7. Mounting the reverse light and fog light to the engine cage.
  8. Fitting battery isolator switch
  9. Replacing engine temp sense wire that I cut
  10. VIN number to stamp on frame
  11. Fit alarm system
  12. Place wiring in protective sleaving.
  13. Fit tank cover
  14. Fit various services to the tank cover
  15. Polish the tank.

Though some of the above I have already done  its still gonna be several late nights at the garage doing the above.

I have, however, mocked up the wiring for the rear lights and checked that they work ok. The lights can be seen working in the video below.

We have started to clean the trike ready for its MSVA, and so the shiny bits are having an initial polish. They have come up surprisingly well!

Front end all shiny

and the tanks have had their final polish as well.

Polished Fuel Tanks

As I get through the list above I will cross them out and make a post, and I shall be panicking by Friday!

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