My journey into trike building

Weld One

I went and visited the welders today to discuss fitments and locations of various components on the trike and there has been a lot of progress made on it.First up, the fuel tank fittings have been made and secured to the cross bar of the trike. with the tank on it starts to look more like a vehicle rather than a collection of pipes welded together.

can you see the foot controls?

The fuel tank in place.

As I now have the fuel tank installed a few other bits need to go on, next are the seats.

Seats in place now its starting to look like something.

Seats first fix

Finally the foot controls are fitted

look its so shiny

The foot controls

Also in work is the moving of the brake lever mounting back by a few inches. This is currently in work and will hopefully complete by the end of this week.

its a bit too far back

Brake mount moved

The trike is now slowly coming together, however there are still things to do. I want more weight at the front of the vehicle to stop it pulling wheelies, so a steel plate has got to be welded on at the front below the cross beam. This will also provide protection for the battery from flying stones and such.


We are also going to be making an engine cage which will result in the gearbox and engine being put in place as a dry fit, and this will give us an idea of how long the vehicle will be.


Hopefully next week I will be able to post a couple more pictures with the engine and gearbox in situ. Until then heres a long view for you to admire.

Its starting to come together

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