My journey into trike building

With Great Power (part 3)

And another update from Rob, hes fairly moved ahead with the rebuild having got the crank back from the people who did the regrind.

The crank required new bearings, and they have been refitted.

The pictures Rob has sent me shows the steps he has gone through to rebuild the engine from the ground up.

Reground crank and bearings ready to be fitted

Crank and Bearings

With the crank back from being reground, the first job is to refit the bearings and con rods before it gets dropped into the crank case.


The bearings are on and the con rods are in place.

Bearings and Con Rods fitted

If you remember the problem that was found with the crank (if not have a look at the first part of this article) its on the top right hand side of the picture.

With the crank assembled and looking superb, it is time to put this assembly into the crank case.




Crank, lifter, and left side of case (the large hole is for the strainer)

All going in the case.

With the crank and lifter in position its time to fit the other side of the case. (note the hole on the right side of the case, this is where the oil strainer lives.)

the number 1 piston is on the right hand side of the case.

The Case Assembled

With the case assembled we start to head for the money shot portion of the rebuild. The case now requires the pistons and barrels fitted.

yup this engine is starting to look sweet!

Pistons and barrels fitted

These barrels and pistons increase the capacity of the engine to 1641cc, and should give me a little more power on the trike.

yup thats the size of the piston, 86.95mm in diameter

1641cc goodness

With the pistons fitted its just the last few bits to go on, the push rod tubes and push rods, the cylinder heads and the carb and rails for the fuel.

Still bits to do, but its getting there!

The almost complete engine

Their is still a bit to do with the engine it requires a fuel pump, Alternator, shroud, and pipes but I think this is going to look like one sweet engine when its finished!


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